How to Use MUX Switch For Asus Gaming Laptop

How to Use MUX Switch For Asus Gaming Laptop

The MUX switch is one key component in improving graphics performance on Asus gaming laptops.

By flipping between the integrated and discrete graphics cards, users can adjust the system’s power consumption to suit the specific task at hand.

When activated, the MUX switch tells the laptop to run resource-demanding programs like games on the dedicated GPU, significantly improving graphics performance.

On the other hand, it maximizes power efficiency by switching to the integrated GPU for less demanding tasks.

With the help of this dynamic control, users can balance battery life and performance for a more adaptable mobile gaming experience.

If you are looking for detailed information regarding how to use MUX switch for Asus gaming laptop then you must read the below information thoroughly.

What is a MUX Switch?

Gaming laptops feature a chip called a MUX switch, which makes it simple to switch between these

two modes and permits the graphics processor unit (GPU) to send data directly to the screen. Multiplexer is referred to as MUX.

The main advantage is that it allows the GPU to send information directly to the display without going through the CPU first, reducing latency and increasing frame rates.ย 

How Exactly Does a MUX Switch Work? 

The principle of data selection governs how a mux switch operates.

It accepts some inputs and chooses one output depending on the control signals it receives.

All other inputs are “switched off” or ignored until the control signals specify which input should be transmitted as an output.

The transmission gates and the selection logic comprise the two primary parts of a mux switch’s basic circuitry.

Although the transmission gates switch the inputs, the selection logic is in charge of receiving and decoding the control signals.

How to Use Mux Switch For Asus Gaming Laptop

With your ASUS gaming laptop, using a Mux switch is easy and clear.

The process for how to use mux switch for Asus gaming laptop mentioned below:-

  • To begin with, make sure you have all the cables and adapters required for your devices and Mux switch.
  • Put the input port of the Mux switch to your laptop’s HDMI or DisplayPort cable.
  • Put the output ports of the Mux switch to all of your external devices.
  • Activate both your laptop and the Mux switch.
  • To choose which device you want to use at any given time, press the appropriate button or switch on the Mux switch. 
  • Eliminate the need to continually plug and unplug your devices to experience smooth switching between them.

Why I Can’t See MUX Switch Option

A primary cause of the inability to see the MUX Switch option is the lack of a dedicated graphics card on your computer or device.

If your device doesn’t have a graphics card that supports Multiplexer Switches, you won’t be able to access this feature.

Furthermore, there might be additional reasons why you cannot see the MUX Switch option, even if your device has a dedicated graphics card.

Your device’s drivers could need to be updated or added, which is one potential reason.

Drivers are software your operating system uses to talk to hardware, such as graphics cards.

The MUX Switch option won’t work if the drivers are outdated or missing.

The inability of your device to support multiple input sources could be another factor.

While most modern laptops and monitors come equipped with this feature, some older models may only have a single input port, eliminating the need.

Since the hardware does not support it in this instance, the MUX Switch option would not be available.

What is NVIDIA Optimus Technology?

NVIDIA Optimus seamlessly, instantly, and automatically optimizes the notebook to provide the best battery life or performance based on the application.

The NVIDIA driver will activate the GPU for an application when it can offer an improvement over the IGP in terms of performance, functionality, or quality.

The application can utilize the GPU when the user launches it, as determined by the NVIDIA driver.

GPU power-up from idle state and rendering calls are sent to the GPU if the application can run on the GPU.

How Can I Know If My Laptop Has a MUX Switch?

Use these steps to find out if your laptop has a MUX switch:

  • Check Specifications

Check the user manual or the manufacturer’s website for the specifications of your laptop.

A MUX switch or a dedicated GPU switch should be mentioned.

  • Device Manager

On your laptop, open Device Manager (you can search for it in the Start menu). “Display adapters” should be expanded.

It could be a sign of a MUX switch if you see multiple graphics devices, such as an integrated and a dedicated GPU.

  • BIOS/UEFI Settings

Enter the BIOS/UEFI settings after restarting your laptop (usually by pressing a key like F2 or Del during boot).

See if you can switch between integrated and dedicated graphics by looking for any settings about graphics.

  • Graphics Control Panel

Look for any extra GPU switching settings in the graphics control panel if your laptop has a dedicated GPU.

Software interfaces for managing graphics settings are available on particular laptops.

Though this feature is more prevalent in gaming or high-performance laptops, remember that not all laptops have MUX switches.

More accurate information can be obtained by consulting the documentation that came with your laptop or by contacting the manufacturer’s support.

Pros of MUX Switch 

  • Increased Signal Quality

One of the main advantages of using a MUX switch would be that it helps improve signal quality.

Signals can become weaker or distorted while traveling through several channels during transmission.

However, with a MUX switch, all signals are combined and transmitted to the destination, resulting in better.ย 

  • Easy Scalability

MUX switches are scalable, so adding or removing devices won’t require significant modifications.

Their convenient size makes them an excellent choice for companies and groups that might eventually need to grow their network.

  • Greater Flexibility

In terms of signal routing, MUX switches provide more flexibility.

More routing options are possible because all signals are combined and sent through a single channel, which is impossible with other signal transmission methods.

  • Better Bandwidth Usage

Better bandwidth utilization is possible with MUX switches because they can combine multiple signals into a single high-speed connection.

This removes the requirement for different connections for every device, and the available bandwidth is better utilized.

  • Cost-Effective

Another advantage is a MUX switch’s cost-effectiveness compared to alternative signal transmission techniques.

A single MUX switch can do the job effectively in place of numerous cables and switches when connecting different devices.

Cons of MUX Switch

  • Switching Speed

A MUX switch’s switching speed is the speed at which signals can be routed from one channel to another.

Applications requiring high-speed communication or real-time data processing mainly depend on it.

For these kinds of applications, a MUX switch is generally better the faster its switching speed.

  • Frequency Range

The MUX switch’s frequency range is a crucial factor to consider. It describes the frequency range that the switch can handle with little to no distortion or loss.

A MUX switch’s versatility and flexibility for various applications increase with its frequency range.


Use these steps to get your Asus gaming laptop to use a MUX switch.

Firstly, find the MUX switch (usually a physical button on the computer or a feature in the ROG Armoury Crate software).

Use the software or press the button to switch between integrated and dedicated graphics. This lets you adjust performance and battery life according to your current needs.

Try a variety of configurations for the task at hand, such as energy-saving or gaming activities.

With the MUX switch, you can easily enhance the graphical performance of your laptop and enjoy a seamless, customizable experience that fits your specific use cases.


Q1. How do I turn on the MUX switch on my Asus laptop?

Find the switch or key combination intended for your Asus laptop to activate the MUX switch.

Please consult your laptop’s user manual for precise instructions, as the location may differ.

Usually, it can be accessed via specialized software or the BIOS.

Toggle the switch once it’s located to activate the MUX and improve graphics performance by using discrete graphics when necessary.

Q2. Do Asus laptops have a MUX switch?

According to Asus, the F15, F17, A15, and A17 TUF Gaming models will receive updates.

The devices now sport upgraded GPUs and CPUs, but perhaps most encouraging is that each of the four models has a dedicated MUX switch supporting Nvidia’s Advanced Optimus technology.

Q3. Does MUX switch boost fps?

A Multiplexer (MUX) switch doesn’t directly boost FPS (frames per second) in gaming.

Signal routing between various components is usually accomplished via MUX switches.

While they might improve data transfer efficiency, tangible improvements in frames per second rely on things like CPU, RAM, and GPU performance.

Increasing FPS by upgrading these parts or optimizing in-game settings is more efficient.

Q4. Should we buy a laptop with a MUX switch?

While there’s a chance that a MUX Switch won’t be the ultimate solution for the best laptop performance for gaming, it might still be worth it.

Specific higher-end systems can see significant gains, but those with less powerful GPUs don’t benefit.

Q5. Is MUX Switch essential for gaming laptops?

MUX switches, or Multiplexer switches, play a crucial role in gaming laptops by managing the switch between integrated and discrete graphics.

Because of this, users can adjust performance to meet their needs.

Switching to a dedicated GPU smoothly improves graphics capabilities for gaming, resulting in more fluid gameplay and superior rendering of tasks requiring advanced graphics.ย 


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