Best Effective Solutions | Why are Instagram Links Not Working?ย 

Why do your links to Instagram not function? Let’s discuss a problem plaguing influencers, digital marketers, and social media enthusiasts: broken Instagram links.

You’ve undoubtedly experienced this annoying problem at some point! When you click on an exciting link, it may take you in a different direction or, worse still, nowhere. Why are Instagram links not working?

This glitch could also be caused by small details, like removing the “www” from a web address. 

Why are Instagram Links Not Working? 

Links on Instagram might not function for a variety of reasons. There may be a momentary problem with Instagram’s servers, something wrong with the link, or content restrictions.

The link might be turned off or blocked if it disobeys Instagram’s community guidelines.

To resolve persistent issues, users should ensure their links are formatted correctly, follow Instagram’s policies, and report them to Instagram support.

How to Fix Instagram Links Not Working? 

If you need help with why are Instagram links not working, you can try the following solutions.

  • Give your phone and the Instagram app a restart

Links may stop functioning correctly due to brief issues with the Instagram app. To resolve this issue, restart your device or exit the app and restart it again.

  • Delete the browsing history for Instagram

Links in the in-app browser may not open on Instagram due to corrupted browsing data. To fix this issue, clear the browsing history on Instagram.

You can click on any other functional link to open the in-app browser within the Instagram app then

select browser settings by tapping the three vertical dots in the upper right corner to confirm, click clear next to browsing data and choose clear browsing data. 

  • Sign out and then sign back in

Re-logging into your account after signing out is another potential solution for broken Instagram links.

After selecting Settings from the three-line button and tapping the profile icon, scroll to the bottom of the screen to choose Log out and then Log out again.

Check to see if your problem has been fixed by logging back into your Instagram account.

  • Update or reinstall Instagram on your device

Reinstalling or updating the app is the final resort for missing links on Instagram. To download and install the most recent version of the Instagram app, visit the Play Store or App Store.

An alternative solution to the link problem is reinstalling the Instagram app.

  • Try using a different browser

Try using any external web browser on your phone to open links that don’t function in the Instagram app.

Common Problems That Impact Instagram Problem 

You can find quick solutions to the most frequent and annoying Instagram issues by being aware of them.

This can significantly simplify your life and allow you to use your time better. Here are some annoying Instagram issues:

  • HubSpot

Due to their Instagram integration feature, you can create content inside HubSpot and schedule it for publication in advance.

You can also use this tool to upload your posts in bulk to save time. With HubSpot, you may learn more about how your audience interacts with your content.

  • Later

A social media app called Later was explicitly created for Instagram, and it can assist you with many Instagram-related issues.

You can arrange your entire feed to make a stunning profile that will draw in viewers. It features a visual content calendar to help you effectively organize your content.

This will enable you to plan your posts and include details about when they will be released.

  • IGTV Problems

The most recent addition to Instagram is IGTV. Publishers can upload up to ten minutes of long-form vertical videos. Verified accounts can post videos up to 60 minutes in length.

Viewing the videos on a desktop or larger screen changes everything, even though they look fantastic on the Instagram app for mobile devices.

Watchers may become disinterested in videos due to poor quality. You can quickly solve Instagram problems like this one.

  • Flipping Between Accounts

One of the most vexing issues with Instagram at the moment is this. Logging out of one account and then back into the other would be required to switch accounts.

There used to be a lot of trouble with this. One of the most frequent issues that Instagram users reported was this one.

But Instagram has resolved this issue for you with the latest updates. To access the profile, sign in to the first account. The Instagram app’s top bar will display a small arrow next to your name.

Does Broken Links Affect Instagram Engagement

In addition to having a major influence on Instagram engagement, broken links can negatively affect other aspects of your account’s performance.

  • User Interface

Instagram user engagement depends on a smooth experience. This experience is ruined by broken links, which irritates your audience.

Customers are less likely to stick around an account offering a poor browsing experience.

  • Impact of Algorithms

Instagram’s algorithm gives preference to user-engaging content.

Broken links could tell the algorithm that your content isn’t giving users a good experience, resulting in decreased visibility for users on explore pages and feeds.

  • Conversion Rates

Broken links can drastically lower conversion rates for accounts that aim to send traffic to outside websites.

It is unlikely that users who run into problems will finish desired tasks, like buying something or subscribing to a newsletter.

Why Can’t I Open Links on Instagram Story?

Instagram is one of the most potent social media platforms, enabling users to share links, stories, and moments to improve audience engagement.

Links on Instagram are essential for users who share interesting content and give their followers something to look forward to.

But occasionally, users run into a frustrating roadblock: they click on a link and nothing happens.

This sense of frustration is familiar to those who have struggled with inoperable Instagram links.

It has the potential to impede communication and limit social interaction opportunities.ย 

Let us explore the most popular solutions for Instagram links that do not function on iPhone and Android devices. 

Address Problems with Internet Accessibility

Make sure your internet connection is working correctly before attempting anything else. Issues with internet connectivity are frequently the cause of non-functioning Instagram links. Therefore:

Verify the Connection to the Internet

Instagram may only open website links if there is a fast internet connection. If you use cellular data, try to reestablish the connection by switching to a reliable Wi-Fi network. 

Update Connections

  • Switch your phone off after a few seconds of being in airplane mode to reestablish Wi-Fi and cellular connections.
  • Navigate to Settings > Aeroplane Mode on your iPhone. 

Disable VPN and Verify Configurations

Disable your VPN if you’re using one, as it may affect the accessibility of links.

Check the settings of your router, firewall, or proxy app for any restrictions on websites as well, mainly if Instagram isn’t opening links to specific websites.

Instagram: Force Stop and Restart

On Android:

  • Tap and hold the Instagram app icon on your home screen or app library.
  • To access the Instagram app’s information page, tap the Info (i) icon.
  • Toggle between “Force stop” and “OK” on the pop-up.
  • To restart Instagram and see if the links are active, tap Open.

On iPhone:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause in the middle if your iPhone has Face ID.
  • In the App Switcher, find Instagram and swipe up to close it.
  • Double-clicking the Home button on an iPhone SE, iPhone 8, or previous model will launch the App Switcher. To exit Instagram, swipe up the app’s preview.

Use the default browser on your phone

On Android

  • On the Instagram app, tap the three-dot menu icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Choose “Open Chrome” to launch the link in the built-in browser on your device. Alternatively, you can choose “Open in Chrome” after selecting your browser and “Share via…” by tapping the menu icon.
  • To access Instagram, copy and paste its links into the external browser of your choice.

On iPhone

  • On the Instagram app, tap the three-dot menu icon located in the upper-right corner.
  • Choose “Open in system browser” to launch the link in the built-in browser on your device.

Update the Instagram App

On Android

  • Go to the Play Store and type in “Instagram.”
  • Tap “Update” if an update is available.

On iPhone

  • Run a search for “Instagram” in the App Store.
  • Tap “Update” if an update is available.
  • Get Rid of Instagram’s cache and data. 

On Android:

  • Press and hold the Instagram app icon from your home screen or app library.
  • From the pop-up menu, choose the Info (i) icon.
  • Choose “Storage.”
  • To remove Instagram’s cache files from your device, tap the Clear cache icon.
  • Try restarting Instagram to see if the links work.


Are you still thinking about why are Instagram links not working? The link might be broken, there might be a momentary problem with Instagram’s servers, or there might be issues with internet connectivity.

Instagram may have imposed limitations or security measures on specific links to ensure user safety further.

Users may fix this by reloading the page, examining their internet connection, or providing a legitimate link. Help from Instagram support should be contacted if the problem continues.


Q1. Does Instagram not allow links anymore?

Instagram does not allow you to hyperlink URLs in the caption of your posts unless you are using paid advertising.

However, Instagram enables you to link to a website from the Instagram bio, within Stories using the “Link” sticker, and through Instagram Direct Messages (DMs).

Q2. How do I make a link clickable on Instagram posts?

  • Make a story on Instagram.
  • Press the sticker icon located at the top.
  • Choose the Link decal.
  • Include the URL.
  • Enter the text you would like to see on the link sticker.
  • Click “Done.”
  • Change the sticker’s location on your Instagram Story. To change the design, tap it.


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