Top 11 Best Laptop Accessories For Gamers

Top 11 Best Laptop Accessories For Gamers

With the best gaming laptop accessories, any PC can become a true entertainment center regardless of price.

The market for accessories is also growing as more and more gamers select gaming laptops because of their portability and performance.

This presents a unique set of challenges. Navigating the gaming accessory market can be challenging because there are so many options and brands.

Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of the best laptop accessories for gaming right here.

Although they work with nearly every PC, you can see the same advancements on your desktop.

To configure your laptop for maximum gaming performance, we’ve covered everything you need, including the top gaming keyboards, mice, headsets, monitors, and more.

Best Laptop Accessories For Gamers

Here are some of the best laptop accessories for gamers mentioned below:-

Wireless Gaming Mouse

Top 11 Best Laptop Accessories For Gamers

It is nearly impossible to play most video games on a PC without a mouse.

A gaming mouse offers unparalleled accuracy, even though controllers work well for casual action-adventure games.

Users will experience exceptional accuracy with the Razer Viper V2 Pro thanks to its Razer Focus Pro 3K Optical Sensor.

There won’t be any discomfort during gaming sessions thanks to the extra thumb buttons, comfortable grip, DPI settings, and wireless connection.


  • Setting up a wireless mouse is more accessible than a wired one. All you have to do is plug it in and turn it on. 
  • There are no cables or wires needed for wireless mice to work. Setting them up and using them is easy.
  • Configuring a wireless mouse is less complicated than a wired mouse. Turn it on by just connecting it to your computer. 


  • Sometimes, the cost of a wireless mouse is higher than you would like to pay, especially if it comes with a USB charger.

Cooling Pad

Top 11 Best Laptop Accessories For Gamers

Performance and style come together perfectly in Klim’s Ultimate RGB Cooling Pad.

One of the quietest cooling pads available, it throws a great deal of air at a speed of only 750 RPM, ensuring that players won’t overheat while playing for extended periods.

The customized RGB modes can be accessed by users through the buttons on the cooler’s back, in addition to controlling the fan speed for silent operation.

Users can take advantage of cooler operation between 5 and 20 degrees Celsius with this cooling pad, which is entirely compatible with laptops up to 17.3 inches in size. 


  • Helps in cooling down your laptop. 
  • It offers a more sturdy work surface. 
  • It can improve your comfort and posture.


  • Raises the surrounding temperature. 

Wireless Gaming Headset

Top 11 Best Laptop Accessories For Gamers

Despite their high performance, gaming laptops are only somewhat for their loudspeakers.

The Logitech G535 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Headset is a better option if you want immersive, high-quality sound than speakers, which would take up considerable desk space.

The Logitech G535 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Headset has 40mm neodymium drivers to produce precise audio.

You’re getting a well-balanced audio profile and a distinct one with lots of bass to prevent the sound from becoming overly tinny.

Your voice will sound much more precise and natural than standard headsets, even though the quality of the microphone could be better.


  • Compared to wired headsets and headphones, wireless models are more portable. 
  • Multiple devices can be connected to a wireless pair of headsets using the most recent version of Bluetooth, V5.1 and above. 
  • No lag and high-latency issues are displayed by headsets with Bluetooth V5.1 and higher. 


  • A standard headset is lighter than a wireless one.

Wireless Controller

Top 11 Best Laptop Accessories For Gamers

Anyone who tells you that a keyboard and mouse are superior gives you only part of the story.

Many games are far better suited for controllers than a keyboard and mouse; in fact, there are enough to make owning an Xbox Wireless Controller worthwhile.

First, all you have to do to use the Xbox Wireless Controller with Windows is plug it in or pair it via Bluetooth. It functions flawlessly.

Without your intervention, the Windows operating system immediately detects the controller and installs all required drivers.


  • The approximate range of a wireless controller is 10 meters; if your screen is small, this may be too far, but it works great with large screens.
  • They’re perfect for keeping your eyes safe.
  • Easy to transport


  • A dead battery on your controller will stop you in the middle of a game.

External Hard Drive

Top 11 Best Laptop Accessories For Gamers

Low internal storage capacity is a common feature of gaming laptops, which allows room for rapidly piling up game installations and downloads.

To ensure you always have space for your favorite games, an external hard drive offers an easy way to increase storage capacity.

The Seagate Expansion Portable External Hard Drive, Western Digital My Passport, or Samsung T5 SSD are a few examples of external hard drives with a lot of storage, fast data transfer speeds (ideally USB 3.0 or later), and compatibility with your gaming laptop.


  • Regarding storage and backups, the main drawback of CDs, DVDs, and even Blu-ray is their minimal capacity. 
  • Imagine that your primary hard drive fails. You would only want to imagine it if you had firsthand experience. It’s time-consuming and disastrous.


  • There may be a risk of overheating with specific USB external hard drives.

Laptop Cleaner

Top 11 Best Laptop Accessories For Gamers

It comes with a microfiber pad on one side and a brush on the other for cleaning laptops. Dust, crumbs, and general dirt are easily removed with a brush.

You can remove the oily fingerprints from your screen using the microfiber pad. It’s small and light.

To ensure that the brush and microfiber pad remain in optimal operating condition, the brush retracts, and a cap is included.

It fits neatly into a small pocket in your bag, where you wouldn’t even know it’s there.


  • Since most accessories are reusable, keeping laptops clean can be done sustainably.
  • Compressed air or brushes are specialized laptop cleaning accessories that can reach places software cannot, enabling precise cleaning of particular regions.


  • If cleaning tools are not used properly, they can cause damage. 

Ethernet Cable

Top 11 Best Laptop Accessories For Gamers

A suitable Ethernet cable is a necessary laptop accessory for serious gamers looking for the best possible performance.

When playing intense games, a fast and dependable wired connection minimizes the chance of lag by providing low latency and stable connectivity.

To increase signal integrity and transfer data faster, get an Ethernet cable called Cat6 or Cat7.

Because it lessens the possibility of wireless connection disruptions, this accessory improves online gaming experiences and gives you a competitive advantage.


  • Ethernet offers significantly faster speeds than WiFi.
  • WiFi is prone to external interference, which can cause frequent and sporadic disconnections or prolonged speeds, disrupting your activities.


  • Every Ethernet cable is enclosed in a protective jacket to prevent external factors from damaging the internal wiring and impairing functionality. 

Gaming Monitor

Top 11 Best Laptop Accessories For Gamers

Your gaming experience will be immediately improved if you plug in an external display to your laptop.

Especially if you purchase the gaming monitor ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q.

This display is Wide Quad High Definition, or WQHD for short, meaning it has four times as many pixels as a standard HD display.

A standout characteristic of the Swift is its 165Hz refresh rate, which helps you play fast-paced games like strategy, racing, and first-person shooters by removing motion blur and display lag.

You can see it clearly as a result, enabling you to respond right away.

By matching the refresh rate of your GPU, the monitor uses Nvidia’s G-SYNC technology to coordinate its display output, giving you a fluid gaming experience.

This lessens the likelihood of any in-game stutter that will undoubtedly break your focus.


  • Higher resolutions, like 1440p or 4K, are supported by many gaming monitors for better graphics.
  • Preset modes for various game genres, which optimize display settings, are frequently found on gaming monitors.
  • Gaming monitors reduce input lag for more responsive gaming because they are made for quick response times.


  • To achieve faster response times, some gaming monitors compromise colour accuracy, which lowers image quality.

Gaming Speakers

Top 11 Best Laptop Accessories For Gamers

RGB lighting has recently become one of the most sought-after features of gaming accessories. You’ve got a winner if you include some synchronising features.

The Logitech G560 Lightsync is all about lighting effects and colors that are driven by games and influenced by the audio emanating from the speakers.

Six powerful RGB LEDs are included with each speaker, which can significantly improve your gaming experience by lighting up the entire space and the speaker itself.

You can configure the software to control the lighting and create an immersive light show by controlling how the system handles the audio.


  • The speakers facilitate our ability to hear music and sounds.
  • Connecting the speakers to the computer system is simple.
  • It is possible to communicate with many people at once.


  • A loud noise may annoy some people.

Portable Extendable SSD

Top 11 Best Laptop Accessories For Gamers

Most gaming laptops don’t have enough storage to hold all the games and files you want.

Because of this, you’ll also need an external storage device for your laptop.

The Samsung T5 portable extendable SSD is what you need if you need something safe, roomy, and portable.

With its semi-elliptical form factor and shock-resistant aluminum casing, the Samsung T5 has a rounded appearance similar to a chocolate bar.

Samsung said the gadget is resistant to drops of up to two metres, or 6.6 feet, and forces up to 1,500G. To prevent overheating, the device also has thermal guard technology installed.


  • It is portable and lightweight, making it simple to use while on the go.
  • Connecting to various gadgets, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, is simple.
  • Generally speaking, it is more dependable and long-lasting.


  • If an SSD is not powered for a long time, it may lose data.

Laptop Stand

Top 11 Best Laptop Accessories For Gamers

You can elevate your laptop to a higher level and enjoy your games more. For gamers and business users, a laptop stand is more than just a chic accessory.

Your neck and back won’t ache from prolonged gaming marathons when your laptop is raised to eye level, which promotes better posture. 

Additionally, it increases the effectiveness of your laptop’s cooling system, preventing overheating and slowdown.

Moreover, a stand can free up space on your desk so you can work and play.


  • A laptop stand is a great way to increase productivity at work.
  • Improves your setup’s aesthetic appeal


  • Specific laptop stands are less portable and bulkier.


To sum up, dedicated gamers should invest in necessary laptop accessories for the best possible gameplay.

Control and responsiveness are improved during gameplay with a top-notch gaming mouse featuring precise sensors and programmable buttons.

Faster response times and tactile feedback are essential for competitive gaming, and a mechanical keyboard delivers both.

A dependable gaming headset with immersive audio, essential for situational awareness, guarantees an improved auditory experience.

Finally, to avoid overheating and possible performance problems, a cooling pad helps keep a laptop’s temperature at ideal levels during prolonged gaming sessions.

Combining these peripherals makes for a more entertaining and competitive gaming environment.


Q1. What should a gaming laptop have?

The following three elements are crucial when purchasing your first gaming laptop: Put lights and eccentricities out of your mind (for now).

When buying a gaming laptop, you should focus on three things: a powerful graphics card, a processor that can support the card, and performance-driven RAM.

Q2. What is an exemplary configuration for gaming on a laptop?

Select the gaming laptop that will allow you to play the games you want to. Invest in hardware upgrades such as external storage, gaming mice, and mechanical keyboards.

For optimal connectivity and a well-organised setup, use a docking station. Art, plants, and other finishing touches will complete your space.

Q3. Do gaming laptops have faster speeds?

The majority of gaming laptops are equipped with top-tier parts that are made especially for gaming.

Powerful CPUs, GPUs, RAM, and storage options like quick-switching SSDsโ€”which enable faster loading times and more fluid gameplay than traditional HDD storageโ€”are all included in this.

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