How To Cancel Numerade Subscription (2024)ย 

How To Cancel Numerade Subscription

Everything is now accessible online due to the digital age. To review material, students frequently choose to study online.

Numerade is one such platform that offers these capabilities.

On the other hand, you ought to terminate your Numerade membership if you’re not happy with the answers. 

Go to your Profile Page after logging into your Numerade account to terminate your subscription.

You can cancel your active subscription by selecting the Billing option.

Numerade unsubscribes you directly from your PayPal account as well. 

It is best to read this article through to the end to learn everything there is to know about Numerade, including how to cancel your subscription easily or even delete your account. 

What is Numerade?

How To Cancel Numerade Subscription

Numerade is an excellent platform created specifically for students, offering video solutions on nearly any topic and subject they require.

Over 50,000 PhDs and TAs from across the US are available on the platform to help students with any questions they may have about their academic journeys. 

How to Cancel Your Numerade Subscription in Two Minutes

With many online courses available, Numerade is the e-learning platform with the fastest growth.

This is the procedure to follow if you have already signed up for the platform and would like to cancel. The subscriptions option can be accessed by logging into your Numerade account and clicking on the profile icon.

You will be sent to the billing page after selecting the subscription option. Read the instructions below to get a better understanding of cancellation guides. 

Through Email 

How To Cancel Numerade Subscription

You should send an email to request your cancellation if you are unable to cancel your Numerade membership through the app.

Send Numerade customer service an email at

Include all the information related to your account in the email, including your name, email address that you have on file, subscription number if applicable, and the reason you want to cancel your plan.

After that, please submit it to the group and watch for their approval.

Through Website

It’s simple to stop your ongoing subscription to Numerade. All you have to do is access your account through either the mobile app or the website.

After that, select the “subscriptions” option from your profile icon. The billing page will appear when you select the subscription option.

The option to “Update” your subscription can be found on the billing page. From the available options, you can now choose to downgrade your account subscription with ease.

Through Android

How To Cancel Numerade Subscription

You can cancel your Numerade subscription through the Google Play Store if you signed up using an Android device. Take the following actions to accomplish that.

  • First, launch the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Next, by clicking on your profile picture in the upper right corner, choose “Payments and subscriptions”.
  • By choosing the “Subscriptions” option, you can view all active subscriptions.
  • Next, choose Numerade and then “Cancel subscription.”

Through IOS

You could cancel your Numerade subscription if you signed up using your iOS device by doing the actions listed below.

  • First, get your iOS device’s “Settings” app open.
  • Then, select “Subscriptions” by tapping on your name at the top.
  • There is a live Numerade subscription there.
  • To end the subscription, select “Cancel subscription.”

Why Am I Unable to Cancel My Numerade Subscription?

Sometimes, it can be difficult for customers to cancel their Numerade subscription.

This can be not very pleasant, especially if they’ve decided to switch learning platforms or give up on Numerade.

It is crucial to keep in mind that customer service is a crucial component of any business, and Numerade ought to make an effort to give its users the smoothest cancellation experience possible.

Technical difficulties are one reason why some users might need help to terminate their Numerade subscription.

A glitch or brief outage in the system is likely preventing users from utilising the cancellation feature. It is advised to seek assistance from Numerade’s customer support team in such circumstances.

If there are any technical difficulties preventing cancellation, they should be able to assist customers in going through the cancellation process.

To ensure a seamless and trouble-free experience, it is always best to seek professional assistance in these circumstances.


Go to your account settings on the Numerade website, select the option to manage or cancel your subscription, and then log out of your subscription.

To finish the cancellation process, adhere to the instructions provided.

Consider contacting Numerade’s customer support for assistance if you run into any problems.

Remember to review the terms and cancellation policies attached to your subscription.

To ensure a simple and hassle-free procedure, constantly review the cancellation policy.


Q1. Is it simple to end your subscription to Numerade?

You can usually cancel your Numerade subscription by visiting their website, logging into your account, or getting in touch with customer service. In your account settings, look for a “Manage Subscription” or “Billing” section. There should be a cancellation option there. 

Q2. After canceling my Numerade subscription, how can I renew it?

You must pre-register for a subscription on the Numerade website if you wish to continue using the service after canceling your previous one. It will be necessary for you to create a new account and select a new subscription plan because your previous account information will not be retained.

Q3. What happens if I don’t remember to end my Numerade subscription before it ends?

If you don’t cancel Numerade before it renews, you will be charged for a second billing cycle. However, you won’t be billed for any subsequent cycles, and you have the freedom to end your subscription whenever you’d like.

Q4. Does Numerade give me a refund?

At signup, the following refund policy is accepted: Subscriptions to Numerade come with a free trial. Following the trial period, the plan is paid for in advance on a monthly or yearly basis; there are no refunds.

Q5. Does Numerade allow me to make money?

An educator will receive a Numerade contract to sign. They can start making money by filming videos if their work satisfies our standards and demonstrates their qualification to create content for Numerade students.

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