A Complete Guide | How to Reset Blink Camera in 2024

how to reset blink camera in 2024

Are you also searching for “How to Reset Blink Camera”?

If yes, then here is the guide. In 2024, some of the best smart cameras for the midrange are Blink cameras.

Everything in the Flicker setup is not difficult to introduce, simple to utilize, and offers all that you’d need in a surveillance camera -,

for example, movement cautions, night vision, and superior quality video catch.

Nonetheless, assuming you’re getting ready to sell the gadgets or are experiencing specialized hiccups, you should seriously think about resetting your Flicker cameras.

This cycle is similarly essentially as easy as the underlying arrangement, even though it fluctuates marginally from one camera to another.

A more in-depth look at how to reset Blink cameras and reconnect them to your Wi-Fi network can be found here.

A wire-free and simple option for monitoring your property, blink cameras are a popular choice for home security.

However, just like any other electronic device, they may occasionally malfunction.

On the off chance that your Squint camera isn’t functioning true to form, a straightforward reboot or reset may be everything necessary to get things in the groove again.

In this article, we’ll dive into the universe of Flicker camera resets, investigating the two fundamental strategies for various models and the circumstances where each may be important.

We’ll likewise give clear, bit-by-bit directions to direct you through the interaction, guaranteeing a smooth and fruitful reclamation of your camera’s usefulness.

Whether you’re a carefully prepared Flicker master or an inquisitive rookie, this guide will outfit you with the information and certainty to handle what is happening.

In this way, we should jettison the dissatisfaction and embrace the force of a new beginning for your Squint camera!

So let’s beginโ€ฆ.

How to Reset Your Blink Security Cameras?

How to Reset Blink Camera in 2024

There are numerous reasons to reset your Blink cameras.

It may be the case that you may be selling them, or it could likewise be that for reasons unknown it doesn’t appear to work the way things should be. One way or the other, you can peruse this manual for figure out how to reset a Squint Camera.

Reset Squint Small scale – XT2 Camera Technique 1

โ€ข The Squint Small scale Camera is an Indoor camera that can be set up utilizing USB links. Resetting this camera is a simple process.

  • The Flicker Scaled Down has a little reset button that can be gotten to utilizing a little paper cut. In any case, it is in every case best to have the camera connected to a power source while playing out the reset.
    โ€ขYou want to press and sit tight for no less than 5 seconds for the reset interaction to be finished. A blue light flash will appear after it is finished, indicating that the camera can be set up and used right away.

Reset Flicker Smaller than expected XT2 Camera Strategy 2

While the majority of the Squint smaller than normal Cameras could have an outer reset button that will be situated on the sides of the gadget, the more up-to-date ones have it under the back cover

To start with, erase the camera from the Flicker Application. Tap on the? to remove.

symbol in the application then Erase Sync Module, enter the chronic number if asked, and erase.
Then, you need to control the camera and eliminate the back cover.
Presently, take a little security pin and punch it into the little hole that is at the left of the right-sided battery.
It should be pressed and held for about ten seconds. During this time, eliminate the battery from the camera.
You will see a red light glimmer, showing that the camera is detached and has been reset.
Presently, when you power up the Squint Camera, you ought to see the blue blazing lights.
This is the point at which you can start to reconnect and match the camera to your application and your Wi-Fi organization.

Instructions to Reset the Flicker Sync Module

How to Reset Blink Camera in 2024

โ€ข On the off chance that power cycling doesn’t address anything, how about we move to the subsequent stage?

You can reset your Squint camera framework by resetting the Sync Module piece which is quite simple.

โ€ข Go to the Sync Module and find the reset button (close to the USB port), press and hold it until the light becomes red.

Normally, it requires around 30 seconds. You’ll realize that the unit was reset effectively when you see the green strong light and the blazing blue light.

โ€ข Supportive Tip: Make sure to play out a reset previously keeping in mind that the sync module is connected for best outcomes.

We likewise suggest embedding either a paperclip or a little screwdriver (not self-clasping pins or pushpins) to reset the gadget.

โ€ข When reset, the Sync Module will go to plant mode.

This indicates that all of the cameras will be offline, necessitating a new configuration. Fundamentally, the framework should be re-arranged.

To see your cameras once more, you want to erase your Sync Module from the Flicker application and reinstall it.

Follow these moves toward erase and reinstall your Sync Module:

  1. Open up the Squint application and snap on the? icon.
    2) Select “Erase Sync Module.”
    3) Check or enter the module’s chronic number then tap “Erase”.
    4) Return to the home screen and snap on the + sign (to add the system_.
    5) Select “Squint remote camera framework.”
    6) Scan the module’s serial number once more or type it in.
    7) Select your Squint framework and tap “Find Gadget.”
    8) Select “Done” after selecting “Join.”

Resetting A Squint Camera Back To Industrial Facility Settings

How to Reset Blink Camera in 2024

Before You Start

On the off chance that you hard reset your camera framework to industrial facility settings, you will lose every one of your arrangements.

This implies that you should set up the entirety of your cameras once more. If you have any desire to keep away from this and simply have to reset it to determine an issue, I suggest power cycling the framework first.

This is done just by turning off your web modem, holding up a couple of moments, and stopping it back in.

This is typically sufficient to determine any issues with your Sync Module or cameras not working.

If not, you can take a stab at doing likewise drive cycle interaction to your Sync Module.

To do a full plant reset, read on:

โ€ข Find the reset button on the lower part of the camera.

โ€ข To press the button, a small object, like a paper clip, must be inserted into the hole.

โ€ข Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.

โ€ข Your camera ought to be back to its factory settings now.

โ€ข To simply reset the camera however not clear out your Squint camera settings, you can likewise press the button for 5 or so seconds.

This will reset it and assist with settling any camera issues you might have.

Instructions to Reset Flicker Camera To Another Record

โ€ข All in all, you offered your Flicker camera to a companion and need to be aware – how would I reset the Squint camera for another proprietor?

โ€ข Your Blink camera account will be reset, and the camera will be removed from your system as a result:

1) Open your Flicker application.
2) Find the camera in your framework and erase it.
3) Do the total processing plant reset system displayed above on the camera.

When do you have to Reset your Squint Camera?

There could be different explanations behind why you want to reset flicker camera XT2 or smaller than expected yet I found the two reasons generally significant among them.

They are:

โ€ขYour camera isn’t working as expected.
โ€ขYou need to set your flicker camera to plain or default settings.
โ€ขFor any of the above reasons, you want to reset your camera.

Thus, if you are dealing with any issue and need to reset your squint camera, here are the investigating strategies that can help you.

How to Reset the XT2 Outdoor and Indoor Blink Cameras?

โ€ข For squint XT2, outside and indoor cameras, you want the Sync module to work. The sync module goes about as an extension between Flicker’s cameras and the web.

โ€ข Thus, it turns out to be not difficult to reset the flicker cameras involving the Sync module as you don’t need to independently reset every one of the cameras.

The reset button accessible on the Sync module reset the entire framework at one time.

โ€ข You can likewise take a stab at turning off the cameras from the power source and afterward stopping them back once more. More often than not it works and the issues are fixed consequently.

Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting tips will prepare you to analyze and vanquish normal Squint camera troubles, making you ready for a consistent review insight.

  1. Power Cycle Force to be reckoned with: Frequently, a straightforward power cycle can make all the difference. After disconnecting your Blink camera for thirty seconds from its power source, reconnect it. This speedy reboot can clear brief errors and invigorate its association.
  2. Wi-Fi Misfortunes: Network issues can be the guilty party behind inert cameras. Guarantee your Wi-Fi network is steady and close enough to your camera. Move the camera closer to the signal source or restart your router.
  3. Firmware Craze: Obsolete firmware can cause similarity issues and execution hiccups. Install any pending firmware updates for your Blink camera as soon as possible using the Blink app.
  4. Battery Motherlode (XT/XT2 as it were): Low battery life can be the silent saboteur for battery-powered XT and XT2 cameras. Battery levels should be checked frequently and replaced when they fall below 20%. Think about involving battery-powered batteries for a more manageable arrangement.
  5. App antics: Some of the time, the issue could exist in the Squint application itself. Attempt force-shutting and returning the application, or consider reinstalling it by and large. Guarantee you’re running the furthest down-the-line variant to stay away from similarity tangles.
  6. Network Noisemakers: Other remote gadgets working on a similar recurrence can obstruct your Flicker camera’s sign. Have a go at switching off neighboring gadgets or changing to an alternate Wi-Fi channel to limit impedance.
  7. Reset Retribution: If the previously mentioned tips haven’t resurrected your Squint camera, think about a reset. Keep in mind, that this choice deletes all settings and accounts. Adhere to the model-explicit directions in our past article to effectively reset your Squint Smaller than usual or XT/XT2.
  8. Support Safe-haven: When in doubt, make sure to the insight of the Flicker Backing group. They offer important assets, investigating guides, and live talk backing to direct you through even the trickiest circumstances.

Updating Firmware

Very much like a handy dandy horse needs an exam and new shoes, your Squint cameras flourish with customary firmware refreshes.

These computerized checkups guarantee ideal execution, improved security, and even open new highlights, keeping your home observing framework sharp and secure.

Why Update?

  • New updates frequently fix weaknesses and address bugs, fortifying your camera’s protection against hacking and other malevolent movement.
    โ€ข Execution Force to be reckoned with: Updates can enhance handling power, prompting quicker reaction times, clearer video quality, and a smoother general seeing experience.
    โ€ข Special Fireworks: Once in a while, refreshes bring energizing new highlights that extend your camera’s capacities, as further developed movement identification or commotion scratch-off.
    Refreshing Made Simple: The uplifting news is refreshing your Flicker cameras is a breeze! How it’s done:
  1. Open the Squint application: Your dependable ally to Squint euphoria.
  2. Choose the camera that you want to change: Tap on the particular camera you need to spoil with a firmware overhaul.
  3. Jump into Gadget Wellbeing: Investigate the “Gadget Wellbeing” segment inside the camera’s settings.
  4. Check for Updates: Search for the “Check for Updates” button. Give it a tap!
  5. Relax and unwind: Assuming an update is accessible, the application will download and introduce it consequently. A progress bar will keep you informed.
  6. All Frameworks Go: When complete, your camera will reboot, donning its totally new firmware!


โ€ข Remain Associated: Guarantee your camera is associated with Wi-Fi during the update interaction.
Power Up: Plug your camera in, as a sanity check, particularly for battery-fueled models.
Persistence is Uprightness: Make yourself a cup of tea and take in the anticipation as the update might take a few minutes!

โ€ข Upgraded security: Safeguarding your home with the most recent computerized protective layer.
Smoother operation: Appreciating faultless video like clockwork.
Invigorating new highlights: Extending your camera’s abilities and finding unlikely treasures.


So here we end our article which was all about “How to Reset Blink Camera”.

Resetting your Squint camera framework is simple, however, the method is frequently superfluous.

If the camera shows as offline, many users attempt to reset it.

You ought to initially attempt power cycling your camera, web gadgets, and afterward your Sync Module.

Provided that these strategies don’t bring your camera on the web, then resetting the Sync Module by squeezing the reset button on the device is suggested.

The Blink app’s Sync Module must then be reinstalled after being deleted.
Essentially, when the unit is reset, you should do every one of the arrangements all along.

For the Flicker cameras that work without a Sync Module, you can reset the camera utilizing the reset button on it.

Finally, assuming you dislike your camera, simply call Squint help and they’ll assist you with pressing any potential issues.
If you still face any issues, must drop a comment, and we will surely reply to it.

Thank you for giving your precious time to this piece of us. Have a great dayโ€ฆ!

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