How to Fix a Broken Laptop Hinge

Ways to Fix a Broken Laptop Hinge

One component that is frequently disregarded in the world of laptops is the modest hinge.

These essential parts enable smooth opening and closing of your screen and hold it in place.

They may, however, occasionally encounter issues.

Laptop hinge problems can range from gradually loosening to completely breaking. They can be annoying.

But fear notโ€”this all-inclusive guide is here to assist.

We can help you solve hinge problems, assemble the necessary tools for a do-it-yourself repair, or determine whether professional assistance is required.

After reading this article, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle any laptop hinge issue.

What’s Going On With Laptop Hinges?

Laptop hinges are a mechanical part that attaches the screen to the chassis, supports the weight of the screen, and allows for mobility.

The laptop screen’s hinges enable it to open and close while maintaining the display’s stability.

Two interlocking parts affixed to the screen and chassis from either end make up the laptop’s hinge. Screws and springs keep these parts together.

Up to 135ยฐ of rotation is permitted for the majority of hinges.

Some smaller laptops have hinges that allow 360ยฐ rotations in addition to lateral and vertical movements.

Ways to Fix a Broken Laptop Hinge

Here are some of the ways to fix a broken Laptop hinges which is mentioned below:-

Apply Friction Pads

Friction pads give the screen stability and significantly lessen wobbling.

A friction pad at the hinges will enable smooth screen opening and closing.

Remember, though, that this is only a temporary solution. A friction pad fastened to hinges will not be sufficient in the long run.

As a result, you’ll need to replace the hinge or find an alternate repair technique sooner or later.

Order a Replacement

Ordering replacement hinges from the manufacturer is a better and more long-lasting solution.

Even though you can buy compatible hinges for your laptop on the market,

we advise ordering directly from the manufacturerโ€”especially if it’s still covered by warranty.

An alternative is to call your laptop’s customer service and explain the specifics of your issue.

A few easy steps from them might help you resolve the problem.

If you still need to, you can always order replacement parts from them directly and have them fixed.

Assessing and Checking the Right Functionality

Testing the laptop’s hinge and ensuring it functions appropriately after reassembling it is crucial.

To ensure smooth movement and alignment, open and close the lid multiple times.

Verify that there are no strange noises or resistance and that the screen remains in place at various angles.

If everything functions and looks normal, you have successfully fixed your broken laptop hinge.

Go to a Technician

It is necessary to take it to a technician as the next step.

Assessing the damage and determining whether the hinge break caused any significant damage to the screen’s connections are essential tasks.

When everything else is working, it is tempting to continue using it this way.

It’s likely not something you want, though, as the damage may worsen and impair the screen’s functionality.

You likely want a second opinion on it as a result of this.

Kinds of Hinge Issues

Laptop hinges are fragile and easily broken by improper handling.

You’ve probably had hinge issues if you’ve been using a laptop for a long time.

There are various ways that a laptop’s hinges can get damaged.

The following is a list of some of the common kinds of hinge issues. 

  • The hinge’s housing has been broken into multiple pieces.
  • The display isn’t working correctly because of a broken wire connection between the screen and the chassis. 
  • Brass screws secure the housing made of plastic. They may sustain breakage or damage.


It takes precision to fix a broken laptop hinge. First, ensure the laptop is unplugged from all power sources and turned off.

Find the broken hinge and take out any covers or screws that are in the way.

Realign the hinge components and secure them with epoxy adhesive, if possible. Before putting the laptop back together, give it enough time to dry.

It may occasionally be necessary to replace the hinge.

If you need more clarification, get expert advice. To prevent additional harm, always handle the fragile parts with caution.

The key to successfully repairing a broken laptop hinge is to be patient and careful.


Q1. Is it possible to fix a laptop hinge that breaks?

It might be possible to tighten or adjust the hinge if it is misaligned or loose. On the other hand, the hinge might require replacement if it is broken.

You may be eligible for a free hinge repair or replacement from the manufacturer if your laptop is still covered by warranty.

Q2. Why do hinges on laptops break?

Dropping a laptop while opening it is one of the most frequent causes of hinge breakage over time. When a laptop hinge breaks, debris and dust can enter the display cable, resulting in a wrong screen output.

Q3. How much time can a laptop hinge last?

In general, laptop hinges are made to withstand several years of regular use. Premature wear and tear, however, can be caused by excessive use, rough handling, or manufacturing flaws.

Q4. How much does a laptop hinge repair cost?

Depending on the intricacy of the repair and the price of any replacement parts, repairing a laptop hinge can be expensive.

For professional repair services, the average cost should be between $50 and $200. However, replacement parts and any necessary tools will usually be incurred during do-it-yourself repairs.

Q5. If the hinge on my laptop breaks, can I still use it?

Although it is technically feasible, using a laptop with a broken hinge is not advised.

Other components may experience stress due to a broken hinge, possibly leading to further damage. Additionally, it can change the laptop screen’s alignment, which could strain your eyes.

It’s advisable to take care of hinge issues as soon as they appear.

Q6. Is it possible to repair a laptop’s hinge?

It is possible to fix a laptop hinge. The problem might be as easy as tightening a loose screw, or it might need replacing the hinge entirely, depending on how bad it is.

Some users may prefer a professional’s assistance, while others may feel more at ease handling this.

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