How to Fix White Spots on Phone Screenย 

How to Fix White Spots on Phone Screen

White spots or faded areas can be a pain on your phone screen.

Although these spots might initially appear innocuous, they have the potential to grow over time and obstruct text or images on the screen.

Fortunately, numerous techniques exist for brightening a fading phone screen and removing white spots.ย 

How to Fix White Spots on Phone Screenย 
By Techaemon

In this guide, we’ll cover the most effective solutions and professional repair options for how to fix white spots on phone screen.

These tried-and-true techniques can help you restore that perfect screen and prevent the unsightly display of white spots,

whether the discolouration is in a few tiny spots or larger blotchy areas.

Why Are There White Spots on the Phone Screen? 

Seeing white spots on a phone screen, particularly those in the display area, can be annoying and distracting.

These patches’ size, shape, and underlying cause can vary widely, ranging from tiny dots to large patches.

  • Dead Pixels

Dead pixels are the main reason why phone screens get white spots. Our screens are made up of pixels; when a pixel malfunctions or dies, it can appear as a white spot.

Defects in manufacturing or physical harm to the screen can result in dead pixels.

  • Moisture Damage

White spots on phone screens can also be caused by water damage or moisture.

Moisture that gets inside the phone’s internal parts can cause damage to them and cause irregularities on the screen. This can sometimes show up as white spots.

How to Fix White Spots on Phone Screenย 
By Techaemon
  • Pressure Marks

Pressure marks are another reason why phone screens have white spots.

They show up as distorted images and white spots on the screen due to excessive or uneven pressure applied to the screen.

Pressure marks may result from dropping or mishandling the phone, pressing heavy objects against it, or keeping it in constricted pockets for a long time.

How to Fix White Spots on the Phone Screen 

Here are the steps for how to fix white spots on phone screen mentioned below:-

Step 1: Inspect and Clear the Screen

Start by closely examining your screen to ensure no smudges, dust, or debris are visible.

These frequently give the impression of having white spots. Wipe your screen with a gentle, lint-free cloth to eliminate contaminants.

Step 2: Wait and Observe

White spots may go away on their own in certain circumstances.

Watch the spots after two to three days to see if their size or intensity changes.

Step 3: Software Fixes

For pixel-related issues, software solutions might be effective. Tools and apps are available to stimulate pixels and solve the issue.

How to Fix White Spots on Phone Screenย 
By Techaemon

Step 4: Physical Stimulation

Sometimes, the problem can be resolved by gently rubbing the area surrounding the white spot, which redistributes the liquid crystals in the LCD.

Step 5: Inspect for Outside Pressure

Ensure nothing is pressing against the back of your phone’s LCD screen. Distortion due to pressure can result in white spots.

Step 6: Limit Your Exposure to Moisture

Try to dry out your phone if there is any suspicion of moisture. Instead of placing it in direct sunlight or heat, put it somewhere dry and well-ventilated.

Step 7: Factory Reset

Consider performing a factory reset as a last resort. But since it will remove all data from your phone, you should only do this after backing up any crucial data.

Are White Spots on Phone Screens Risky?

White spots on a phone screen could indicate possible problems with the device.

For example, physical damage or broken hardware can impact the phone’s overall performance and cause more problems.

This can involve battery life, display quality, and touchscreen responsiveness.

How to Fix White Spots on Phone Screenย 
By Techaemon

It is critical to address these problems as soon as possible to stop additional harm.

Additionally, if white spots are caused by moisture or water damage, internal corrosion and potential short-circuiting may pose a risk.

This may endanger the user’s safety and make the phone useless.

Are the Spots on the Phone Screen Always White or Not?

Spots on a phone screen can have colours other than white.

These spots can appear as stuck pixels, which produce coloured spots, or dead pixels, which make black spots.

While stuck pixels only show one colour at a time, dead pixels cannot display any colour at all.

How to Fix White Spots on Phone Screenย 
By Onxshadow

Hardware problems, water damage, or screen discolouration can also cause spots with different colours. 

Anomalies on the screen could also be the result of software bugs.

When troubleshooting screens-related issues, technicians can use the colour of the spots as a testing point.

It’s best to identify the patches’ precise features and hues to understand the underlying cause better and decide whether a hardware or software repair is required.

Quick Tips For Avoiding  White Spots on Mobile Screen

Here are some quick tips for avoiding white spots on mobile screens:-

Steer clear of liquid cleaners: Avoid using liquid or harsh chemical cleaners as they can cause damage to the screen.

Utilise a microfiber cloth to clean: Gently wipe the screen with a soft microfiber cloth to eliminate smudges and dust.

How to Fix White Spots on Phone Screenย 
By Onxshadow

Use caution when handling: Be gentle with your mobile device to avoid unintentional drops or impacts that could cause screen damage.

Update software often: Update the software on your phone to take advantage of performance boosts and bug fixes.

Deal with problems right away: If white spots appear, take quick action to resolve the problem by consulting a specialist or getting in touch with the device’s manufacturer.


While dealing with white spots on a phone screen can be annoying, there are a few possible fixes to consider.

Your phone screen needs to be cleaned, either with a microfiber cloth or with specialist tools and methods.

This will help to prevent these problems from developing in the first place. Keep in mind to handle your phone carefully and clean its screen regularly to prevent any possible damage.

Seek professional advice or contact the manufacturer if you are thinking about how to fix white spots on phone screen.

So maintaining your phone’s screen clean and free of bothersome white spots can be achieved with reasonable care and use. 


Q1. Why am I getting white spots on my screen?

Hardware problems, damaged screens, or dead pixels can all result in white spots on your screen.

White dots represent malfunctioning pixels, also known as dead pixels. Visual anomalies may also result from hardware issues or screen damage.

If the problem continues, consider running a software update or calling a technician.

Q2. What causes a white spot on an iPhone display?

There are several reasons why white spots may appear on an iPhone display. Physical damage, like dropping the device, is one of the common causes of LCD or OLED screen problems.

These spots may also result from exposure to high temperatures, pressure applied to the screen, or manufacturing flaws.

Although they happen less frequently, software bugs can also cause display anomalies.

For a comprehensive diagnosis and possible remedy, contacting Apple support or an approved service provider is advised if white spots continue.

Q3. Why does my phone screen have tiny white spots? Does it get bigger over time?

Small white patches on a phone’s screen could result from pixel abnormalities, frequently related to physical harm or production flaws.

The size usually stays smaller over time, but taking care of the problem immediately is best.

It is advised to get expert assistance from the manufacturer or a trained technician to diagnose the issue and possibly find a solution if it worsens.


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